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    Icaro Pandion M, 80-105 kg

    Price: 1200 USD + shipping at requested service / cost

    Happy to deliver @ AJX or any of the San Diego flight sites

    EN B/Solo PG, Condition: Very Good – 58 hours,

    Colors: Yellow/Gold & White, Location: United States [ US ]

    Reason: Stepping up to High B wing

    First wing owned after school wings.
    Used between September 2019 – Jan 2021.
    57:40 total (logged) hours, mostly coastal ridge soaring with some SoCal mountain time.

    Shows usual mountain dust & accumulated dirt normal for a wing of this many hours.
    No SIV or water landings.




    Price drop to $1200. Thanks for your interest


    Glider no longer available. Forum admin can delete thread if needed. thanks

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