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    David Webb
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    Incident Summary

    On June 18th @ 15:30, P2 pilot launched from Crestline Launch. At approximately 16:15, pilot got low and attempted to land in the Devil’s Canyon Bailout. Pilot missed the bailout and attempted to fly past and land in the fields next to the power station. After narrowly avoiding several power lines and trees, pilot flew into a smaller tree surrounded by steep culverts. Several witnesses reported pilot lacked control during flight. Pilot was reached on radio and was responsive; reported condition as OK.


    Weather was warm and winds were moderate; reported as turbulent inversion conditions. At 16:15, Crestline Launch weather station reported winds approximately 7mph with gusts of 8mph. Marshall weather station reported winds 7-9mph with gusts up to 18mph.

    Emergency or Medical Response

    No emergency response required.


    No injuries reported.

    Pilots Involved

    P2 pilot flying EN-A wing.

    Root Cause

    Pilot got too low behind front range after launching from Crestline Launch and then overshot bailout LZ.

    Proximate Cause

    Pilot launched from a site and into conditions that current skill level did not allow for; pilot violated agreed-upon flight restrictions for their rating and skill level.

    Corrective Action

    Pilot to review appropriate operating guidelines and flight restrictions with instructor. Pilot to have site sign-off to fly unsupervised revoked until instructor deems appropriate. Pilots under a site sign off must not launch from Crestline Launch unless that pilot’s instructor is present.

    Mark Hoffmann
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    Conditions. They forgot to add: it was turbulent inversion flying conditions yesterday.

    David Webb
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    Thanks Mark – I’ll add that to the report.

    Tim Ward
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    Well, we’ve had one undershoot the bailout, and one overshoot the bailout.


    I guess, on average, we’re doing well.

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