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    Incident Summary

    On January 11, at 1310 two paraglider pilots collided while flying. They were flying South of the Marshall launch, an area managed by the Crestline Soaring Society (CSS). Both pilots impacted the ground on the side of the hill South of Marshall launch.

    Pilot A was circling in light lift below and in front of Marshall launch. Pilot B was scratching in front of Marshall, close to the terrain and at the same altitude as the launch. Both pilots saw and were aware of each other before the collision. Both pilots had opportunities to leave the area and reduce the risk of a collision.


    The weather was sunny and clear, wind was <5 mph SSW, and the thermal activity was very light. Air traffic was light. At the time and location of this incident there were 2-3 other gliders in the area but none close enough to affect this accident.

    Emergency or Medical Response

    Emergency response was called. CSUSB police responded and arrived at Andy Jackson Airpark around 1330. CSUSB police stated that fire rescue was on the way. Pilots flying over the crash site were able to communicate with the pilots involved and confirmed that the two pilots were not seriously injured. The two pilots communicated back to the fly-over pilots that they could pack up their gear and hike out on their own. Two other pilots who were on Marshall launch hiked down to assist the two downed pilots. The emergency response was cancelled.


    No major injuries. Minor injuries including scratches, abrasions, and bruises.

    Pilots Involved

    Paraglider Pilot A (P4) and Paraglider Pilot B (P3)

    Root Cause

    While attempting to join Pilot A in a thermal, Pilot B flew a path into the center of the thermal circle established by Pilot A.

    Proximate Cause

    Both pilots failed to recognize and react to continuously increasing.

    Corrective Action

    Pilot B is requested to work with his instructor on joining other pilots in an established thermal. Both pilots will review the scenario with the CSS Safety Director​.

    Preventive Action

    CSS Safety director to post to CSS forum article(s) reminding pilots about thermal etiquette and right of way rules.

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