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    Mark Hoffmann

    Hes going to be OK.

    Jeff Boehler was flying his PG at Cayucos and had some kind of a collapse at approx 100 ft. AGL . Too low for the parachute to open. He said he shattered his left foot and broken back… airlifted out to San Jose.

    Get well soon Jeff…

    Bille Floyd

    The  Left foot ?

    Tell Jeff, that i have a spare Foot, he can borrow ; till his gets better !

    It’s a size 11,1/2 men.



    Jack Barth

    Bummer!   Get well soon Jeff.  One of my Crestline favorites

    Jana Pivkova

    Oh no! Poor Jeff! ☹️😞 So sorry to hear he got hurt. Wishing him a very speedy recovery. ❤️

    Jeff Boehler

    Thanks  Billie,  I may take you up on that. My right one is only 9 1/2. I wonder if that would put a slight  left hand turn in the wing???

    Fly Safe, Lefty!

    Kim Floyd

    Jeff, Glad you still have that sense of humor.  I am hoping that you will have a quick recovery.  If there is something I can do to help, just let me know.  Maybe fly your wing (s) so they don’t get rusty?  Hang in there as they say.  Regards, Kim

    Bille Floyd

    If your right one is only 9 1/2 , then yea , it would put a slight  left hand turn in the

    wing ; but we could take a hacksaw, and dice it down to your size !! LOL

    Do you want the Carbon ; or a SS foot ?


    Jeff Boehler

    Oh, I’m thinking carbon. That way it would  match my gray & black colored harness.

    Bob Pobocik

    Jeff, I hope your doing well and you’re progressing in your recovery.  I see you have some PG equipment up for sale.  Are you giving up the that style of flying?

    I’ve bee watching the guys that are doing some late evening PG flying at Crestline and was thinking it might be time to learn. They make it look to fun and easy.  Then your accident reminded me why I’ve avoided learning to fly a PG.

    I hope to see you in the LZ  in the near future.   Be safe!




    Scott Isbell

    Heal quickly Jeff.

    I am running out of people to fly with!

    Do whatever you need to do to get well.



Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)
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