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    The Marshall weather station is down because T-mobile has turned off 3G cellular. The other weather stations are using wifi and are still operating. We are working on a solution and will get it going as soon as possible.

    David Webb
    General Member

    AJX is using cellular (it’s not WiFi since the WiFi at AJX has been, historically, unreliable – the Crestline station is the only one using WiFi since there’s reliable WiFi and since the cellular signal strength up there is terrible). Sounds like AJX switched over to the 2G network when the 3G shutdown happened (on the 19th), as the SIM provider (hologram) allows devices to automatically switch between networks (depending on whichever provides the strongest signal).

    It’s possible that upgrading the directional antenna on Marshall (not sure if the frequency range for 2G is completely different than 3G – if it is, the antenna should be replaced; if they are in the same range, then perhaps just a better antenna with more gain) or pointing it at a different tower in the area would do the trick.


    SDHGPA, with the heavy contributions of Joseph DeBeer’s time, has been developing a 5G Houlfuy replacement station or at least a solution until Houlfuy develops a US 5g solution.

    Joseph is still refining the sensor data processing code, but we have three second-generation stations up and running.

    When we are more comfortable with the design and code, to be able to support it, and port the data to outside WX networks, it is Joseph’s intent to open-source the design and code.

    See the Gen2 Stations on : https://www.sdhgpa.com/weather-stations.html

    Here is the Data page for our Gen2 Palomar Station: https://weather-station-spa.web.app/?stationId=2&view=graphs


    Palomar WX Stations PXL_20220820_234525563~2


    I’ll try pointing the yagi at another tower. Do you know what size ladder I need?

    Albert Sharp
    General Member

    Thank you for the update Steve.


    Weather station at Marshall is now working


    Excellent !  Thank you.

    2022/10/30 update… Not seeing the values on the Marshall graph yet.

    Brian Richey
    General Member

    Still no weather info from Marshall? Let’s get on this!


    The new antenna for the weather station has arrived, hope to get it working this week.

    Iaroslav Rastrygin
    General Member

    Bumping this up, as weather tickers are being rather unreliable for the last month or so. What could we do (money, effort ?) to fix things up ? I’m willing to volunteer with a stepladder to work on hardware in the field, money to buy things, or IT to support this . Or I could check holfuy for CSS Wx, and try to request access to wx data from madis network; Windy states there’s an SCE weather station on Marshall feeding data to madis .

    On a related note – could someone please write ac_soaring@yahoo.com to check what’s going on with windgrams at https://www.soaringpredictor.info/windgram/windmain.htm ? (I suppose our website is pulling windgrams from there ?)


    David Webb
    General Member

    There’s nothing wrong with the data itself (the holfuy API, or any of the downstream sources that it feeds such as mesowest or Windy). All of the data goes directly from the weather station up to holfuy only (first), and then those other downstream sources pull from holfuy.

    There are occasional downtimes or outages, most especially due to some of the more hardcore weather situations that can be seen up on launch; others, due to the increasing unreliability of older cellular networks in the area (the holfuy stations connect to the internet via 2G, since the 3G network was shut down this last year). The Crestline station (also a holfuy station) connects via wifi to a router in the bunker up next to launch (the radio towers). Sometimes the internet service up there fails as well (also causing outage), and that launch gets even colder/icier/snowier weather than Marshall tends to get. Sometimes the anemometers will get iced over, so for situations like that, you might see temperature readings from the station, but no wind. To put things into perspective, we’ve had the holfuy stations (3 of them – Crestline, Marshall, and AJX) up for a few years now and have never needed to touch the stations themselves. We have had anemometers fail, but that goes with the territory.

    Windgrams – they occasionally get borked from weird data in the weather models (so you’ll see a day or two with no image, or you’ll notice the wrong day applied to one that you an see), and also (rarely) an occasional server hiccup that needs to be addressed by Alan. He provides great service to that app and is very responsive to emails (in my experience).

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