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    Yesterday I went inside a CVS pharmacy (corner of Kendall & University) around 7pm. After spending a bit of time inside, came out to be greeted by 3 police cars and a police woman asking me about my fashion choice (for inspiration?), as they had a report of an “escaped convict”. After concluding I was not suspicious, she wished me a good evening. Everyone stayed cool, no guns drawn, and seemed amused.

    Maybe the person who created the report, thought the person I was with was held hostage? That person probably watches too much TV. I wonder if the police contacted the prison system to know if there was a break before dispatching units.

    How did that 911 call go?… “You say there is an escaped convict, what is he doing?”  …  “He is shopping, maybe has an accomplice, seems suspicious”.

    Alan Crouse
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    I don’t know… you look a lot like the guy on the right…Walter White

    David Webb
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    Next time we’re out in public, I’ll remember to look really nervous. Maybe something hilarious will come out of it.


    well Jerome, this is California and there are a disproportionate number of people here infected with that “Orange Man Bad” syndrome.

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