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    To kick off this flying season, The San-D- Van will be hosting their “ PILOT APPRERCIATION DAY.” April 20 (Weather Permitting)
    * FREE – rides to Crestline, Marshall & Regionals (Regional rides, requires pilots to wear a helmet during the ride).
    After a great flight, enjoy the
    * FREE – Bar-B-Q of Hamburgers & Hotdogs (potluck style) If you have a favorite dish, feel free to bring it & bring your own drinks
    * Do not forget about the birthday CAKE dessert! For April & ones we missed during the year B/days dates.
    Keep your eye on the San-D-Van schedule, to register for rides that day.
    Sandy & Dale

    Scott Isbell
    General Member

    Thank you Sandy and Dale!


    Ken Howells
    General Member

    It was like a mini fly-in! Kind of tough conditions to soar in but lots of pilots flew. Had some out of towners visiting. Great burgers and hot dogs and salad in the LZ afterwards. What more could you want?


    Crestline around 3 PM.


    Great day had by all! Thank you Dale and Sandy!

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