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    Ken Howells
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    Sunny with light SE-SW breeze, some light N cycles at Crestline. Chilly N winds yesterday. Thermal cycles coming through Regionals, 0-15 MPH.

    Brian launched and got up over to the SW without doing tight turns. Jack went more out front and climbed a bit. Didn’t see much after that, as I sorted my gear. Brake line snagged on vegetation and killed the first inflation. Did the second one holding A’s and C’s (thanks Gene) and it stabilized and I turned and launched smoothly at 14:25, though I had to let go of the brakes to disentangle them.

    Climbed just SW of launch and dealt with some strong surges. Did numerous S-turns and some 360’s heading over Last Chance. Very comfortable. Went on a glide to N of the 750 and worked some lift there closer to the terrain. Maintained in thermals for a few minutes. All felt very familiar and relaxed.

    Got over the LZ North apron and set up my approach into the light WSW breeze. Was pointed on a line at the PG cone but landed 100′ short at 14:40. Accomplished what I wanted but would have liked another 10 -15 minutes of soaring. Next time.

    Jack landed just before me but Brian was nowhere to be seen. The cirrus layer filled in while I was packing up. Visiting Canadian couple had gone up to Marshall, her to fly her HG, I believe. He flew a couple of nice flights from the top of the training hill earlier with a newly-acquired Falcon 2; used to HG, been PG-ing for a few years.

    Dusty Rhodes
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    Welcome back Ken,
    I remember flying with you something like 15 years ago.
    We were both flying Paragliders off Regionals while Will’s Wing was test flying.
    Good times!
    Looking forward to our next flight together.

    Scott Isbell
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    I think I remember flying with both of you…about 15 years ago.

    Welcome back Ken!



    Bille Floyd
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    I remember flying with , (Shaggy) ; a Really Long time ago !!

    Dang , were getting Old …


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