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    Bille Floyd
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    Got my second covid shot , and wanna head down to CSS, and fly my new used Atos ; anyone know a chute rigger, that can repack a Quantum 550 ?


    Thanks : Bille Floyd

    Alan Crouse
    General Member
    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    Jerome did a Great job, of repacking my Quantum 550 !!

    He took his time , and explained each step, and why it’s important . I will feel good about using it ; if needed !! 1990, i tossed a reserve at Torry ; it didn’t open , and i had to pull it back in, and re-deploy it. Second time around, it opened, 10-ft before i smashed into the cliff, and i got a broken toe ; that was when i Had an actual real live toe !! HA !!!



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