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    Darren Dix
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    Well, I’m still an F.N.G. with only 18 flights paragliding. BUT… I backpack and hike a lot, sometimes on several day adventures, and I am into backcountry snow sports. I have never found out what it’s like to totally run out of water, but it obviously sucks!

    I just retrieved a hang glider today, on Pine mountain, not even that far away from Crestline and regionals. After a 4 hour hike and an hour wasted going the wrong way, Our brother became severely dehydrated even though there was a very fortunate groomed dirt road to walk down to town because he didn’t carry any emergency water. Surely, he would have drank the entire minimum of 3 liters that you should definitely be carrying every single time you fly. Put a bladder in your harness.

    After not a scratch on an emergency crash landing, you could easily die of dehydration getting out of wherever you wind up, which could be worse than not!

    Furthermore, 3 liters is NOT much in heat and hiking conditions. (Let alone EMERGENCY conditions) Everyone should totally be carrying a U.V. sterilization pen or iodine to treat water you might come across to drink. It should be boiled thoroughly, but if not, then the U.V. pen or iodine might save your life.

    Once again, our brother came across water from a large spring toward the bottom of the mountain, extremely thirsty, but did not drink. (that might have killed him without sterilization!) I smelled the obvious smell of a dead animal in the area, exactly what can make water deadly, that along with feces, coyote shit, etc. etc.

    Just had to point out the lesson I re-learned thoroughly today. It’s got to be self explanatory!

    Bille Floyd
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    @ Darren

    When you start doing 3 to 4 hour flights ; you will notice how keeping

    hydrated is, “Essential”  to keeping a sharp mind , in order to make good

    flying decisions .

    Also — you say ya like  back-country snow sports ; then you should definitely

    check out snow-kiting, (it’a a Blast) and i do it with two fake legs , on skies or snowboard !!!

    Google search : snow kiting video .



    Scott Isbell
    General Member



    You forgot to tell him you fill your fake legs with Gatorade :)

    The problem is getting a straw long enough.


    See you soon!




    Billy two legs, keep it up!

    You always have some great insight, we just don’t think about.

    Rock On!


    Good job Darren!

    Hydration is very important this time of the year in our area.

    A few years back we had a visiting PG pilot from some other area, I believe it was from some place like maybe CO.?

    Anyway, he collapse’s his wing out in front of Marshall launch, down 300′. He gets back to launch, takes the ride down to the LZ, totally exhausted from the event,  and is left there with his friends.

    Now he’s starting to shiver and shake from heat exhaustion. It was summer time.

    We get him in the shade, we give him cold water, and tell his buddies, go get gatorade, mountain dew soda at the local Circle K, and get back here pronto.

    They do, he drinks it all, and it work out fine.

    He was definitely going south into heat stroke!

    I’ve use this several times over the years for myself, and my cycling friends when we use to do century rides, when someone bonked.

    Just carry some extra water, when you fly, it will only help when you need it the most & in an emergency!

    Fly Safe!



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