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    Jimmy Bagheslai
    General Member

    Hi all,
    wrote this in German and tranalsted it, sounds weird but hope you can relate.

    After a great long soar at CL we landed and had nice vibes of that flight with it’s amazing smooth conditions, I’m sure you know what I mean.
    The shock came when Marcello pointed out that his tire was slashed.
    I was really shocked. I know this is Amerika, but at our club?
    What’s next? Is the answer to this two slashed tires?
    And then the offender slashes 4?
    Or puts the whole car on fire?
    Do we really want this at our LZ, at our club?

    While we all have our ideas about everything and more, damaging some poor tire/property for expressing anger is not correct.
    We might speak bad about our “enemies”, yell at them, but once property is killed a thick wide line is crossed, don’t you agree?

    So the idea is for us, hopefully as a large whole, to put a sign that we, as more rational individuals condone such behavior.

    The goal is to frustrate the offender’s goal by replacing the tire.

    Don’t get me wrong, this is not a likely contest, we all have our differences and issues.
    And each faction believes they are right and the other is an (fill in please).
    However, this is a community coming together to punish the offender and stop this in it’s tracks.

    Gene himself said “light is the enemy of darkness” and donated $5.

    So even if you’re not a fan, please go inside yourself and think about what happened here.
    Search how you would feel if this had happened to you?

    I don’t want to even go into the head and character of the offender, but he lives amongst us.
    And I think we need to protect us from such future incidents.

    So the next idea is that I truly don’t know how much such tire cost, but whatever is overdonated will go for parking security cameras.
    What do you think?
    For you who maybe still unmoved that this happened, please consider your donation for the cameras.

    So please, even if it’s just a dollar, please show your support of the idea.

    It’s 11pm and must go into bed and had no time to get one of these donation thingies going.
    *Please* post your comments and how much you’re going to donate.

    Jimmy Bagheslai
    General Member

    Gene $5

    Alan Coffield
    General Member

    If the offending party is known, what is the need for fund raising ?  Hold the slasher accountable.


    It is very unfortunate that something like this happened. It’s not a common occurrence at AJX, but we do need to put up functioning cameras aimed at the containers, the parking lot and in the LZ, for at least a little more oversight. It will hopefully not only dissuade vandals, but also catch the perpetrator in the act without having to guess or speculate as to who was responsible. We will talk about this at the meeting and we will see what we need to do to make it happen.

    Currently there is no video and no physical evidence that’s been brought forward to prove who slashed the tire. If there are witnesses out there, please contact one of the board members and give us your account of the incident.

    If the police was willing to investigate this vandalism (which they did not), they would also require solid proof to determine who did it. We cannot convict anyone of a crime without the necessary evidence, and we have far less training (let alone authority) than the police. All we can do is listen, talk to the parties involved to get to the bottom of it and try to implement possible preventive measures.

    I’m pleading with all of you to keep your emotions in check. We should not be throwing accusations around, unless we are certain we know what happened. This wouldn’t be the first or last time that the wrong person was named as a suspect due to coincidence. We cannot have physical or verbal violence at the LZ.

    This is supposed to be a friendly, professional, fun place for all! If you have nothing nice to say, just try to keep quiet and avoid unnecessary drama, especially if this is a place you come to often and must pass by those you may disagree with. It takes a lot of energy to be angry all the time. Try to focus on the positives, do what’s right, avoid conflict, de-escalate conflict instead of feeding into it. Be the better, more rational person if you have to. Show up, say hello (or don’t), go flying, land, pack up, go home, be happy. Isn’t that what this place is all about, to de-stress from the every-day struggles of home and work life? Let’s leave that negativity behind.

    I know that instructors have a different relationship to AJX. This IS their workplace! There may be some rivalry, but there’s plenty of work for everyone involved, so let’s try to get along. We should all be working on making AJX an awesome experience for visitors and pilots, not a place of crazy, awkward drama. Raised voices, name-calling, pushing around, all of that is very bad for business, unless we start taping a reality TV show. ;-)


    Jerome Daoust
    General Member

    Excellent post above by Jana !

    A tire can be cut at one location, and pop later elsewhere. For immediate results, a small puncture hole is more effective.

    The perpetrator may be outside our flying community, so people compensating financially may not produce the “neutralizing” effect sought in the first posting.

    Regardless, I pledge $5. It is just a tire, let’s move on, I had 2 flats last week.

    Alan Crouse
    General Member

    Good ideas Jana.

    Is there a GoFundMe or Paypal to collect the $$?  It’s not a big amount and covering the cost will help show the perpetrator we won’t stand for such actions.  – Grrr




    I legitimately can’t tell if this is a troll.

    Its a tire, not nerve gas. Equating the two doesn’t help anyone. ‘What do you think?’ that the response is worse than the crime. Like Jana said, chill out. Sucks we need security cameras, sure; and the camera system will probably the next thing vandalized just like the weather stations.

    I’m giving money to a friend because he’s a friend and had a bad day; no other reason.


    There is no official GoFundMe for the tire, but naturally anyone is welcome to start one if they wish.

    The key to keeping the peace at the LZ is for each of us to keep calm in heated situations. It takes two people to escalate a situation. If one person is yelling at you while you’re quiet and backing up, they will eventually lose interest. If they follow you after you’ve asked them nicely to please leave you alone, that’s approaching harassment and it’s something you might want to report. If you’re the person pursuing someone who asked you to stop, consider the possible consequences of harassment. Do NOT follow anyone who has asked you to back off.

    Some more aggressive types may be trying to goad you into reacting and giving them a reason to take it up a notch. Don’t give them what they want! It’s a trap. Say; “I’m sorry you feel that way. I’m going to walk away now”. I know it’s not an easy thing to do sometimes, but anything else could only make things worse, not better.

    Avoiding conflict could also mean avoiding potential future vandalism of your property. Consider the history of whoever you’re speaking with and consider what you may not be privy to. Where could it lead? Maybe if feels really good to tell someone off in the moment, but think about it festering not only in your mind, but also theirs. You can’t unsay or undo what you put out there for all to see and hear.

    I shouldn’t have to say it, but physical violence of any kind is UNACCEPTABLE. We don’t care what reason you give us, “He called my mom fat!” Pushing, shoving, punching, spitting, damaging personal property, etc. will not be tolerated. I encourage everyone to take videos of these incidents as they happen, so that we have a clearer picture of what actually took place.

    What do we have to be so angry about at a place of leisure? I think for most of us our goals are the same,… to spend time in a place of enjoyment and to make sure it sticks around. Please do your best to reign it in. Make friends! Not enemies.

    Alan Crouse
    General Member

    Where’s the “Like” button?  Jana’s Post

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    All the HG & PG pilots at CSS , are human ; and people can and will get agitated.

    Yesterday i got Mad at nature ; it provided me with a Sled-Ride , and

    I did not appreciate it . LOL

    Mankind has bin hitting each-other in the head with sticks , ever since

    the onset of modernity, (near 30 to 50 thousand years ago) and it doesn’t

    appear to be ending at any time soon . With the sum total of all mankind’s

    knowledge doubling at a rate of once a year ; Bille does have faith that humans

    will one-day , all get along with each other, and we will be traveling the heavens

    with ease !!!

    I will be giving the victim of the tire slash , a $5 bill  , to help calm his frame of mind

    a bit ; I know that I would be Pissed !!



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