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    David Webb
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    Sky gods appear to be angry this morning:

    Screenshot 2022-11-16 at 8.13.19 AM

    John Benario
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    Completely calm at Lake Arrowhead.  Explain that…..

    Dan DeWeese
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    CSS Instructor

    Youre in the lee of a hill and surrounded by trees. Makes for a strong wind gradient. Reminded me of a fire back Oct 07 started at the substation just north of you by a tree into powerlines arcing in a 60+  mph NE.  Started at 5am. By 1130 it ate 195 homes. Im just downwind another  2 miles and theres a solid column of smoke all day moving SW. Winds are so high they wont fly the tankers. We’re outside clearing branches and checking the garden hose ready to defend our hut. I’m all the while thinking, “Where are the planes?” as the winds subsided a bit around 4pm I hear the whine of the red bellied 707 and see it low, slow and northbound. What a welcome sight. Went driving around to check things out, copters picking up water from the lake, leading edge of the fire crawling down to Dart canyon. Caught this pic on day 2 of the smoke making its way over the ridge toward the Pacific. When they say “It’s blowing down”, It really is.PA232449




    Questions requiring explanations on weather usually require a PhD to fully understand and even then their only right 4 out of 5 times. Santa Anna’s are weird. I was flying a fixed wing aircraft low level off the coast one Santa Anna day and saw a narrow band of strong white caps on the water flowing from the shoreline to the South East. I flew through it and got a strong buffet and definite drift to the SE. It was like a river of wind flowing through our low level atmosphere.

    Another time I was crossing over Santiago Peak on a Santa Anna Day in relatively smooth conditions when all of a sudden I got whacked so hard my head hit the ceiling. I was sure I’d find popped rivets when I landed, but none were found as the C185 held it’s own.

    Another time I was riding my bicycle to work on a beautiful calm day south of Hemet. One mile into my ride I suddenly encountered 40 mph north winds. I turned back home to a calm homestead and got in my truck. Weird.

    Sometimes weather questions have an answer. Like maybe 4 out of 5 times, but that 1 in 5 is tough.

    Bille Floyd
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    @ Thomas

    Santa Anna winds scare me much more when flying a HG or PG , rather than

    when in a heavy sailplane ; our light wing loading, makes us quite vulnerable

    like a butterfly  ! :(



    Dan DeWeese
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    CSS Instructor

    you dont need a PhD to know which way the wind blows.

    Alan Crouse
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    You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MGxjIBEZvx0.  The video.  Wow does he look young….

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