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    Might have a buyer, for ya ; he owns the flight-park airport

    at King Mt. E-mail me ; and i will forward it to him :

    BilleFloyd(at) gmail(dot)com

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    How many pilots here , remember how Bob Wills of WW died ?



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    Wills Wing has bin a Great contributor , to the sport of

    Hang Gliding , for a Bunch of decades ; i believe they will

    continue to do-so for many years to come , (even with the move

    to Mexico) !!

    Prove me Correct ; WW !!



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    That would be a Great upgrade ; would just smoke by

    my b-model Atos !!



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    What is available , with a glide of, (19.5 :1) ?

    Answer :

    Another , newer Atos (.)

    You sure Ya wanna sell that thing ?


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    What are ya getting ; to replace that awesome machine ?



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    Are you about to quit teaching PG ?

    Hope Not ; i really Like you !!



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    Jerome did a Great job, of repacking my Quantum 550 !!

    He took his time , and explained each step, and why it’s important . I will feel good about using it ; if needed !! 1990, i tossed a reserve at Torry ; it didn’t open , and i had to pull it back in, and re-deploy it. Second time around, it opened, 10-ft before i smashed into the cliff, and i got a broken toe ; that was when i Had an actual real live toe !! HA !!!



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    @ Alan :

    Next time I’m down there ; gonna bring a seriously special beer with me, and drink them with Ya  !!

    Victory – Golden Monkey, (9.5% ^3 ale) //  Spaten Optimator, or Octoberfest !!

    Now Smile please ; think your gonna, Like the selection !! … . 🙂


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    Alan Crouse General Member

    Point made!

    Actually i believe you missed the point ; i have options, and also have the ability to adapt , fast and easy. Alan I have no interest in fighting with you ; I also enjoy flying enough that it would be difficult for anyone to chase me away, because I have the cognitive resources and willingness, to adhere to social protocol.


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    “I’ve wondered why we allow any non-members to post in the forums, other than the “Marketplace” and “Rides” areas?  This is a club forum, paid for by club member dues.  There is probably value to CSS members from external posts on gear and rides, but the other forum areas?  Why?”


    Haven’t bin a member for a few years ; but i never had a problem with supporting your club by paying the club day-use fees, every time i ever flew there since . If that is the way you feel ; then i will bail out, with no regret.

    Lake Elsinore , and Horse canyon in SD ; both are just a bit further drive down the road.

    Bille Floyd

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    OK — i get where your coming from ; how about a different

    type compromise then :

    A 4-strike rule, with another one month ban Added, to  each consecutive

    offence ; first time it’s a month ban, second time it’s two months, third- three, and

    then it’s a permanent ban ?

    I get in bad-moods , at times ; just trying to cover myself, because i’m a Slow learner .  🙁


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    I’m not sure, that banning Mitch, or anyone, permanently, is

    a good thing ; everybody has Bad moments , (it’s human nature) !!

    Also :

    Mitch is a Really Good source of information ; he’s just

    a bit colorful with his speech, at times , (as Most of us are) .

    I’m for banning a guy, (or anyone) for no more than a month at a time ; eventually

    anyone would catch on, and possibly adjust their behavior to comply

    to the status quo  ?



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