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Alan Crouse
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My thoughts were less suspicious.  We fortunately have an actual architect to bring us options.  In fact the work already donated would probably cost somewhere in the high 4 or low 5-figures to get us the options, renderings, and pricing if we had to go contract for it.  If he brings us a design with a $57K price tag I have every confidence it can be built for that (well, other than the generally crazy price increases we are seeing in building materials, but that impacts all options).

My concern was that the structure of the current vote/poll seems unlikely to lead to a meaningful result.  Hopefully I’m proven incorrect in that assessment.

We have a LOT of work to do to get a new structure.  Let’s get the oars moving in one direction and appreciate the contributions, thoughts, ideas, offers to volunteer and donations from all the members of our team.

Good luck to us all,