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    There is a board meeting (not a general membership meeting, but members are welcome to attend and ask a question) Saturday July 16 at 11am (ref). Since there is no planned online conferencing, members who would like to participate but cannot be there, can hope to have their questions read during the meeting, by posting them under this topic. This also helps board members be more prepared by knowing some of the questions in advance. No need to answer/discuss here, just focusing on collecting questions and avoiding duplicates.

    To have them in one place, I’m copying below previous questions from other topics…


    Linda (ref): What’s the deal with overnight parking?

    Linda (ref) + Jana (ref): Shade structure completion status? More funding needed?

    Linda (ref): Any upcoming events?

    Linda (ref): Can we update the links on  this website, to the multiple LZ webcams?

    Linda (ref) + Zac (ref): Will we start accepting ratings from the AUA (American Ultralight Association)?

    Linda (ref): How can the club collect fees for overnight parking and showers?

    Linda (ref): More details on the proposed camping layout (sketch)?

    Jana (ref, ref 2): How to ensure board members avoid conflicts of interest, when also serving AUA or USHPA?

    Jana (ref): Since they are not an insurance provider, what significant benefits would AUA offer the club?

    Jerome: Would accepting AUA ratings for pilots, instructors  and tandems, lower the safety standards at the site and strain our relationship with USHPA?

    Jana (ref, ref 2), summarized: Hypothetical scenario (unrelated to father Peter)… If the club votes to accept AUA ratings (in addition to USHPA’s), and an instructor or pilot loses his USHPA rating, but a previous/current member of AUA, will he be allowed to teach or fly at AJX? If not already an AUA member, can he join now and continue to teach or fly? How to protect the club from an instructor or pilot judged unfit by USHPA?

    Jerome (ref): Does the AUA have worldwide recognition? To but it bluntly, its website and single 3-page SOP for ratings and training seems like a one day effort. Is this a shell association collecting people disgruntled with USHPA?

    Jerome (ref): What is the number of pilots/instructors in the AUA, but without an USHPA rating, that want to fly/teach at AJX? Is the club’s expected extra income worth their addition? Those pilots could try to get an IPPI rating, and then be allowed through that existing recognized equivalency.

    Jerome: CSS has a list of approved instructors/schools. Excluding myself (not actively teaching at the site)… Will accepting more tandem pilots and instructors from AUA be disrespectful to the currently qualified instructors/schools, who will also see their business diluted among a larger pool of tandem and instructors? Also, facilitating visiting instructors (mostly operating elsewhere) and students can leave our site damaged without suffering the same consequences as if they mostly operated here.

    Alan Crouse
    General Member

    Did I miss the notice?  Don’t the bylaws require a meeting notice 30 days before the membership meetings?


    Section 1. General Membership Meetings:

    A. There shall be a semiannual general member meeting at dates set by the executive Board. Notice of such meetings shall be given to all general members at least thirty (30) days in advance.

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    I believe this to be important ; and should be addressed :

    Last month a HG pilot , rolled a landing and destroyed my Atos, that was parked over a tie-down near the shade-structure, I asked him why he didn’t turn Left and land into the designated HG landing aria ?

    His Answer : ” I didn’t want to walk my glider from way over there ; because I was tired”.

    Not only is that a dangerous way for a HG to land , (in the PG aria) but extremely Rude, and there should be consequences for anyone who does it intentionally !!!



    Jai Pal Khalsa
    General Member

    Yes Alan, bylaws say for board meetings every two months members may attend. This is a regular Board meeting.  General membership meetings are in April and October with 30 day advance notice.

    Jai Pal Khalsa
    General Member

    Billie, if you believe the other pilot needs to be reminded of the rules or disciplined notify the Safety Director.  Also you can bring it up at the General Member meeting in October.

    Jai Pal Khalsa
    General Member

    The Board will be taking questions and comments at the regular Board meeting on the 16th at the LZ 11am.  Members can attend and be heard.

    Jai Pal Khalsa
    General Member

    Jerome, CSS General members may attend the Board meetings that happen every two months and ask questions and make comments pertaining to the agenda items. Come out on the 16th if you can.

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    Jai Pal KhalsaBoard Member
    Billie, if you believe the other pilot needs to be reminded of the rules or disciplined notify the Safety Director.  Also you can bring it up at the General Member meeting in October.

    But not on the 16’th ?




    Thanks for chiming in Jai Pal.

    For Bille (see above) and others who posted questions under this topic, can you acknowledge them (answer when possible, maybe later) at your board meeting? They are conveniently collected under this topic. It should be to everyone’s (members and board) benefit to address them sooner than later, without forcing members with a question to be physically present. It seems like an unnecessary hurdle is being created.

    Bille Floyd
    General Member

    Jerome DaoustGeneral Member
    Thanks for chiming in Jai Pal.

    For Bille (see above) and others who posted questions under this topic, can you acknowledge them

    For me , it’s not only the Goon-Ball that took out my Atos ; rules should

    be applied to/for anyone that wants to fly at CSS (.)

    I follow the rules ; I expect the same from , “Everyone” who also flyer here.


    Who are ya hurting , by not enforcing your rules ? ————- (Everyone)



    Alan Crouse
    General Member

    Jai Pal:

    Sorry, this thread seemed to get a bit confused as to what was happening when.

    Thank you for clearing things up.



    For questions about a club’s intentions to modify policies/rules, it is best to have these discussed publicly (more people aware) and ahead of meetings, to give people more time to think (do research) and avoid debates during a meeting, where such topics are unlikely to be resolved in a short amount of time.

    It is in this spirit that I created a focused topic: AUA ratings.

    Thanks to all who are working on the future of our club, if we disagree at times, it just means that we care.


    David Webb
    General Member

    Email blast I just got says it’s a member meeting on Saturday. Was that just a goof? Still a board meeting?


    I wondered the same. Confusing title, not being either “Board meeting” or “General Membership Meeting”. I guess it is to make members feel welcome to attend a board meeting.

    Update… Here is the corrected announcement and agenda for those who did not get an Email or planning to join before the meeting and price increaseJuly_16_Mtg_Agenda_Corrected

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