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    David Webb
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    Stan and I went through all 4 bins on Saturday and attempted to take a full audit. Pretty messy in there, but some headway was made. We saw very few labels/names on any of the gear (especially on the PGs and smaller equipment; some of you had your names on your HGs), so we collected as much information as we could. Here’s what we recorded (or skipped), combining this with information from the website thus far:

    • Bin and shelf numbers, including which shelves were missing, and which ones are being used as PG/Equipment storage.
    • Shelf owners who have paid for the year on the website.
    • Which shelves are currently occupied (paid or not).
    • Which paid shelf owners (from the website) match the name on the gear or shelf.
    • Shelf owner names from Gary’s last audit (late last year).

    For all those of you that have gear in the storage bins, please review the updated audit here.


    • If you keep stuff in the bins, please pay for it ASAP (it’s not fair to your fellow members that are paying for their space). There are a LOT of occupied shelves that are currently delinquent.
    • Please label your stuff in some way – most HG and PG bags have some kind of window that you can just drop a business card or piece of paper in it so that your gear can be identified (I have a PG bag, and I just put my USHPA card in it).
    • If you know who’s on a shelf and maybe they’ve forgotten to renew or maybe they’re flat out avoiding it for reasons, please ask them to either take care of that or email info@crestlinesoaring.org and I’ll help them out with it. I don’t know most of you, so could really use everyone’s help to get this situation cleaned up.
    • If you think you bought the wrong shelf or that someone else is occupying one that you think you’re on already (and can’t buy it), email info@crestlinesoaring.org and we’ll get it resolved.

    Thanks (and props to Stan for jumping in on the audit).

    Scott Isbell
    General Member

    I used to rent 3-LF-6 and have now switched and paid for 3-LF-5.

    There is a glider on 3-LF-6 that I mistakenly put there and will move it down to 3-LF-5 the next time I am out there.





    David Webb
    General Member

    Thanks Shaggy!


    The HG named Gleb in 2-LB-1 is mine (Jeremy Herzog). I will pay ASAP (when I get back into town from Glacier NP on Wednesday). Thank you for doing this audit. I couldn’t remember what spot I was in.





    David Webb
    General Member

    Copy that – thanks for the reply, Jeremy.


    <b>You Guy’s and Girls are awesome that have stepped forward to steer this Club! </b>

    <b>Thank You!</b>


    I dropped a check in the mail slot a couple weeks ago.

    Don Banas

    David Webb
    General Member

    Thanks Don. I’ll have to wait for confirmation from Jeff on that.

    In the future (and to everyone else), please don’t drop money in the mail slot. We’re not using that anymore – moving all transactions to the website makes a LOT of things much simpler (no one has to pick up and carry cash to the bank, the storage shelves and memberships get automatically cataloged and tracked without someone having to keep track of it on paper, and reminder emails get sent out automatically to you when it’s time to renew).


    Paid via website.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Thanks Chris. I saw your order come through – you’re good to go.

    John Benario
    General Member

    David, I checked my shelf, and my shelf is 4 RF 7 as on the old audit, not 8 as I signed up for.  I made a mistake when I paid this year.  Please change me to 4 RF 7.

    John Benario





    I share a slot with AJ, but haven’t been to the glider port in far too long, and don’t have his contact info to pay my part. Can I just pay for both of us this year and be done with it? Does anyone have his phone number they could text me? I don’t think he uses the website much.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Hi Matthew,

    Send an email to info@crestlinesoaring.org with details about the shelf and we’ll get you fixed up.


    Ok, Paid for my HG (“Gleb”) in 2-LB-1 via the website. Thanks again!


    David Webb
    General Member

    Awesome! Thanks Jeremy.

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