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    Luke Wernle’
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    Thanks Mitch for the info. I’ll swing by and swap stories at O’Hara’s sometime soon. I’ll fly Elsinore at some point.

    Thanks Nate,

    I learned to fly in Santa Barbara at a time when we didn’t have a decent LZ, so I was pretty comfortable landing on a brush and boulder covered postage stamp with a steep uphill slope. You’re right, Andy Jackson is like LAX by comparison. I hooked up with an instructor there and spent Last Saturday on the training hill. Then hopped off Marshall on Sunday and again yesterday. While far from perfect, my landings are precisely where I intend, due to my history.

    I’m in no rush to fly Elsinore as Crestline is a great fit for now. Down the road, when I’m looking for something new, I’ll check it out. There’s so much to explore around Crestline. No doubt it will keep me busy for some time.

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    Luke Wernle’
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    Elsinore is even more convenient for me than Crestline. Where do pilots gather there to share stories? I’d like to make contact and find someone to show me around. Any E-Team folks around?

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    Luke Wernle’
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    Hey Guys,

    Brand new here – first post. I’m one of those guys who’s been away from the sport for a while, wanting to come back to it. I flew Crestline once 15 years ago. Having since moved, it is actually much more convenient for me now.

    So who’s flying? Surely we can get rides up the hill while maintaining common sense hygiene and social distancing, like riding in the bed of a pickup for example, or one person per row seating.

    I sympathize with the Libertarian position politically, but I’m not interested in debating it. Ultimately, we have as much freedom as we’re willing to defend for ourselves and those willing to fight alongside.

    I don’t have a spleen either, but I’m otherwise a healthy 56 year old. I don’t fear this virus, and I’m not close to anyone who’s at risk. I can keep 6 ft social distance and wear a mask in the vehicle if the driver wishes.

    How far is the nearest launch point from the LZ? I have a bike I can leave at the LZ…

    I ask again, who’s flying? Anyone willing to show me the ropes at Crestline?