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    Scott Isbell
    General Member

    ATOS B with a C sail.

    Carbon basetube, skids, and aluminum basetube included.

    Tail,  2 extra downtubes, and all weather travel bag.

    Come and fly something with control surfaces!

    The flaps let you land like a Falcon!

    White with Blue trim.

    Black flaps.

    Priced to sell!



    Seven 1 four 3 zero eight seven 068

    shag at fallfast dot comIMG_7060IMG_7131IMG_7062IMG_9214IMG_7063</p>


    What are ya getting ; to replace that awesome machine ?



    Scott Isbell
    General Member

    Not sure yet, but it will need to have some glide on it!





    What is available , with a glide of, (19.5 :1) ?

    Answer :

    Another , newer Atos (.)

    You sure Ya wanna sell that thing ?


    Alan Crouse
    General Member

    Here’s the upgrade for you 🙂

    ATOS VQ For Sale


    That would be a Great upgrade ; would just smoke by

    my b-model Atos !!



    Scott Isbell
    General Member

    Price Reduced


    Might have a buyer, for ya ; he owns the flight-park airport

    at King Mt. E-mail me ; and i will forward it to him :

    Scott Isbell
    General Member

    Still for sale as of 10/09/21

    Tom Galvin
    Associate Member

    I will be out from Colorado at the end of the month.  If you still have it, I will be interested.

    Scott Isbell
    General Member

    Sounds good Tom.

    Hit me up when you are coming out.





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