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    Marc Deschenes
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    Lawn Darts!
    Time for Mario to drag out his brother’s old glider.


    David Webb
    General Member

    That looks like it wants to stab me in a dark alley :)

    George Stebbins
    General Member

    OK.  That picture/caption is funny!!!


    The Marshall webcam seems to show at least someone who doesn’t give a shit about being a decent citizen. 1500 local. I hope they hiked in at least.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Lame-o alert.

    Mario Miralles
    General Member

    “He’s merely a self proclaimed voodoo high priest of an illegitimate cult of authority.”


    Couldn’t have said it better…..and I’m not referring to the FS Randy Moore.

    Jonathan Dietch
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    To keep current with USFS Region 5 Alerts & Notices:


    https://twitter.com/usfs_r5 ( this link is less useful)

    Jonathan Dietch
    General Member

    Always go to the source wherever possible and NOT Cornell.edu.
    16 USC 551 should be viewed here:
    It states that 471 was repealed but that other sections and federal regulations are  still effective. This leads us to 36 C.F.R. 261.50(a) and (b) and your best source for that is here:

    I’d love to help you further but I am busy dealing with the CA FTB who wants my 93-year old mother to file a CA return even though she has lived continuously in Florida since 1989 but we use my home address to file her federal returns. I have to jump through this hoop of fire every year. Not dealing with this promptly may eat into my soaring budget. See you in the air!


    It does state in the Regional Order No. 20-07 (link to document): “This Order is effective from September 7, 2020, at 5:00 p.m. Pacific Time, through September 14, 2020. ”

    But I’m not seeing the changes to justify the forests reopening now: Less fires to fight? More resources available? Weather less favorable for fire to start or spread? Our government having a change of heart after reading this forum?

    Looking forward to improvements and a reopening.

    Jonathan Dietch
    General Member

    The prohibition is extended through September 21, 2020.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Thanks for posting that, Jonathan.


    Plenty of good places to fly.  Just go hike and fly.  It’s been amazing flying in Orange County.

    George Stebbins
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    I’d guess that the way this works out is they will close the Forests for a week or so at a whack until something does change for the better.  If you are going to close the Forests, this seems the reasonable way to do it instead of a months-long closure, or a 1-day-at-a-time closure.

    But my opinion (for whatever it is worth, possibly not much) is that given the sizes of the existing fires, and the shortage of resources, I’d not hold my breath that we will be up and flying soon.  But I really hope that I’m wrong.  Rain anyone?  ;-)  A long light soaking rain.

    Yoda:  Patience, young Padawan.

    Padawan:  Patience, yea, yea, how long will that take?!?


    Now that they have panicked all the SHEEPLE into wearing mask they will convince them to wear war paint to ward off evil spirits.  Guess what. Most of these SHEEPLE would do it.    Sad country of cowards that have no common sense.

    David Webb
    General Member

    Forest closure has been extended until the 24th:


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