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    Good to go?

    The Forest Service updated their webpage: https://www.fs.usda.gov/main/r5/alert-notices#orders

    The restriction on having a campfire and smoking is extended to Oct 15, but the one of interest (access to the forest) seems eliminated.

    David Webb
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    I saw that earlier today, but didn’t know how to read that, since on this other page, it says that only 3 national forests were reopened (not SB):


    I also tried calling the various phone numbers on their site today to try to get a status, but couldn’t get a human. If anyone has a real contact in the Forest Service, it might be good to politely inquire about the status of San Bernardino.

    I would wait until later this evening to see if the closure was extended. The last few times, it was released around 9PM, so if we get to 10PM tonight with no extension, I’d hope we’re good to go. Fingers and toes crossed.

    Stan Barankiewicz
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    The San Bernardino Forest is now open! Crestline, Marshall, Regionals, and the 750 are back in full operation!! Woohoo!! Let’s get out there and fly! Can’t wait to see you in the sky!

    David Webb
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    David Bratt
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