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    Jerome Daoust
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    Not that it is super-important for a club to be an USHPA Chapter or not, but there are 2 related questions:

    1. Is the club a current USHPA Chapter?
    2. Who created (avoiding the word “decided”) the change (if no longer a Chapter)?

    Just curious to find the answers so they can be put to rest (no benefit to me either way)…


    About being a current Chapter, some collected info:

    • Source (ref): No longer a Chapter since June 2021.
    • Alan (ref) + David (ref): Conflicting website info, club on the map, but not in the CA state query result.
    • David (ref 1, ref 2): Told “No” by USHPA.
    • Jai Pal (ref): “CSS asked USHPA for the dues renewal invoice for 2022-2023 this week. There has been no response yet from Galen or anyone else at USHPA HQ.”

    My bet is on “No”, but the saga goes on.


    About who (club or USHPA) created the change (if no longer a Chapter), maybe both sides are partially right. Collected info:

    • Source (ref): “CSS canceled their RRRG insurance and USHPA Chapter’s conditional renewal status mid-year 2021 due to not wanting to implement Risk Management corrective actions. One of which was reinstating Local level Accident Reporting and risk mitigation actions.”.
    • Stan (ref): ” If CSS is no longer a USHPA Chapter, that was solely USHPA’s sole doing.”.
    • Jai Pal (ref 1, ref 2): “I am in agreement with Stan, CSS paid its dues through 2022 and never cancelled being a Chapter of USHPA, nor did USHPA ever issue any notice of cancellation or change of status to CSS.”.

    Both sides can be partially right, in that from the club’s perspective they desired to remain a Chapter and willing to pay dues. From USHPA’s perspective, the club canceled their conditional renewal status due to not wanting to implement corrective actions. The question may be reduced to: “If you want to get/buy something, but not meet the requirements, who prevents it from happening?“.


    Jai Pal Khalsa
    General Member

    Email from Executive Director of USHPA received last week stating CSS is a Chapter and since CSS does not carry USHPA Chapter insurance it can renew for $-0-   He asked if we wanted to renew, and if yes, where he should send the letter of confirmation. The CSS reply was yes and to forward the official USHPA letter of Chapter renewal confirmation to CSS, care of the President and Veep. Awaiting the USHPA renewal confirmation letter. Veep.

    Jerome Daoust
    General Member

    Thank you for following up Jai Pal, clarifying the club’s status and keeping/renewing the club as a Chapter.

    It’s mostly just a title, but why not since it’s free.

    Jai Pal Khalsa
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    The best things in life are free.

    David Webb
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    Looks like we have a Flying Lizards fan :)

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    Getting kinda Agro here gentlemen ; try just washing it ALL away :

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    Beatles: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_awAH-JJx1k

    Written by Berry Gordy, though.

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    Gotta admit…

    I just became a fan, too!


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