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    Gary Anderson
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    David, I really appreciate your efforts and I am sorry to hear that no one is speaking up.

    This is pure speculation but maybe it will remind some of us how to avoid getting into desperate situations that cause mistakes and crashes. It is possible that this pilot’s approach was high from the very beginning. We should all have visual cues that tell us if we are coming in high or low and we should have worked out options for correcting altitude problems before we get to the final leg of an approach. If you use consistently use the training hill to truly assess approach altitude and glide it will not take long before you learn to recognize altitude issues really early in your approach. Early recognition changes a potential accident into a slightly modified approach pattern.

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    Gary Anderson
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    • What does student pilot mean?
    • What was the pilot’s rating? (H1 or H2 or something else?)
    • What kind of glider was being flown?
    • What launch was used?
    • How long was the pilot in the air?
    • How many high-altitude solo flights did the student pilot have before this flight that ended in a crash?
    • Why was the pilot too high to land at the LZ?
      • Was the setup too high?
      • Should the pilot have noticed they were too high while on base leg or early in the final approach?
      • Did the pilot experience lift during base leg or final approach?
        • If so, when did that lift occur?
        • How and when could the pilot have corrected for for that lift?
      • How high was the pilot on their base leg?
      • What was the pilots altitude and position relative to the training hill when the pilot turned on final approach?

    We must probe deeper into these accidents if we expect to learn something.


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    Gary Anderson
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    Excellent report but I would reverse the root and proximate cause:

    ROOT CAUSE: Low hour pilot flying in advanced conditions

    • 4:00 pm in July & August is MID DAY
    • 14 mph with with gusts to 21 mph ARE ADVANCED CONDITIONS
    • Low hour pilots don’t have the experience to know that they are SLAVE TO THE WEATHER
    in reply to: TIME TO RECONSIDER RULES FOR P2/H2 PILOTS #9807
    Gary Anderson
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    Rule change: not so fast

    Before considering a rule change I’d like to better understand how the P1, P2 and H2 pilots are doing here at AJX/Crestline. Many of us have real concerns with novice pilots because of the perception that they do not appreciate the “power” of the weather and therefore ignore rules on safe flying conditions for their level of experience. We have the impression that novice pilots do not appreciate the performance differences between HGs and PGs and willfully ignore approach patterns.

    Novice pilots are not restricted because they lack flying skills. Novice pilot are restricted because they lack the experience that is the basis for sound decision making. On any given weekend afternoon we can have 20 pilots scratching within 1/4 mile of AJX.  How many novice pilots are ready to navigate that scenario? Based on the current perceptions, they are not ready for that scenario.

    Perceptions are not good enough. Our local instructors train a lot of new pilots and CSS is in a unique position to understand how well the low hour pilot community is doing and how well CSS and our instructors are managing that community. It’s time we start collecting and assessing that data so we can make informed decisions.


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    Gary Anderson
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    Gary Anderson
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    Wise words from Stephen but I have a different view on one point: What we do is not safe and probably will never be safe. But like Stephen says, we absolutely can impact the level of risk. One timely example is “when to fly”.

    Spring is here with all of its glorious power. Spring and summer are the seasons when we all need to think hard about when to fly. Mid day flying increases your risk. It is a fun time to fly but do not fool yourself, mid-day spring and summer increases the risk that you will:

    • be blown sideways by a gust while launching,
    • experience a collapse from turbulence,
    • overshoot or undershoot your LZ because of lift or sink,
    • land cross wind or down wind because of switching conditions

    When to fly matters. It matters a lot.

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    Gary Anderson
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    Crestline Blowback Pool

    Who can guess the number days before the next beginner/novice pilot gets blown back into the trees at Crestline?

    I say 87 days (I would guess less but it will be a few more weeks before we get back to regular flying)

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    Gary Anderson
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    Posting of the minutes and treasurers reports is not for my benefit, alone. This should be standard practice and now that we have a full-featured and user-friendly website that all of the BoD can exercise, we should get into the habit of posting:

    • Meeting Schedule
    • Minutes
    • Treasurer’s Report
    in reply to: Incident Report: PG Tree Collision, April 15, 2020 #8021
    Gary Anderson
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    I respectfully disagree with the root cause and proximate causes, they should be reversed.

    The weather conditions are only a proximate cause because it was merely contributor to the accident. The root cause is the pilot. The pilot did not have the skills or experience to fly in those conditions. An experienced, skilled pilot could have flown safely and without incident under those same conditions.

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    Gary Anderson
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    I think I prefer chronological listing because nesting could promote replies that drift off-topic.


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    Gary Anderson
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    Would it be possible/practical to list the active forum topics on the front page?


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    Gary Anderson
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    Could you post the last meeting minutes and treasurer’s report to the new club library for member review?

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