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    you dont need a PhD to know which way the wind blows.

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    Youre in the lee of a hill and surrounded by trees. Makes for a strong wind gradient. Reminded me of a fire back Oct 07 started at the substation just north of you by a tree into powerlines arcing in a 60+  mph NE.  Started at 5am. By 1130 it ate 195 homes. Im just downwind another  2 miles and theres a solid column of smoke all day moving SW. Winds are so high they wont fly the tankers. We’re outside clearing branches and checking the garden hose ready to defend our hut. I’m all the while thinking, “Where are the planes?” as the winds subsided a bit around 4pm I hear the whine of the red bellied 707 and see it low, slow and northbound. What a welcome sight. Went driving around to check things out, copters picking up water from the lake, leading edge of the fire crawling down to Dart canyon. Caught this pic on day 2 of the smoke making its way over the ridge toward the Pacific. When they say “It’s blowing down”, It really is.PA232449



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    We (As in Tim and I) are going to move the artificial back about 20ft and throw some rye grass seed to get that area of grass going again. We’ll put stake and ribbon up too so please  dont walk over the seeded area. Gotta get our green on now that the heat has headed south.

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    Is it time for a search warrant and raid?

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    Accident reports? Where do they go when submitted to the USHPA?

    Where is the narrative, the story, shared with the tribe?

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    Tom, If youre only visiting here couple times per year, you’d be better off buying a monthly every visit.

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    Now that we have solid structure we could install a club owned ptz cam.

    I havent heard any reports about the bandwidth or continuity of the internet connection lately though. Might not be feasible yet.

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    Not on you Dave Webb. We just didnt anticipate that happening.

    Chris, I’ve asked the CSS (not Webb) webmaster looking into it. He will be contacting you.

    The signup should be fixed up pretty soon so associates can sign up.

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    Too many people were buying the associate membership who werent qualified for it. It is for those people related to full regular members, such as spouse, son daughter, living in same household. Like Masayo, Majo, Noel and perhaps another one or two whom I’m not personally familiar.

    Ordinarily CSS has only ~3 to 5 associate members, after membership signups went online, that jumped up to 40. Hmmm.  A look at the list of those associate members led to the conclusion that the online store wasnt coded well enough to prevent it from being gamed.  It might be getting rewritten.

    Maybe the description of that membership class wasnt explained well enough, I dunno.

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    Hi Don Long time no see. Here it is. Come on out and shade up!

    Crestline Soaring Society, Inc.
    P.O. Box 9052, San Bernardino, CA 92427-9052

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    Paul’s mother, Barb, is flying in from Wisconsin Tuesday midday to retrieve Paul’s car from the towing and storage racketeer in Redlands. She would like to have an informal remembrance starting around 5pm for a couple hours.  Come on out if you can free up Tues evening.

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    His Mom’s (Barb) email address is if you want to send a note, remembrance or condolence.


    velcro can also become fatigued if you open it too often. I had a harness that liked to try and spit the chute out the side. Glancing at the velcro seams should be part of the preflight along with the handle pins.  Replace weak velcro with the sewn in type only.