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    Good day everyone.  To be clear about the new Structures options and costs, Options 5 and 6 are for  steel kits – materials only, with engineering, delivered.  They do NOT include installation estimated by the manufacturer at $21,600, or the foundation and excavation work optimistically estimated at $18,000. Options 5 & 6 will cost $40,000 PLUS the delivered “KIT” cost.  $35,000 + $40,000 = $75,000 for those open steel buildings. KIT fabrication and lead times should be noted as 5 to 5 1/2 months until delivery! (also no paint, just shiny galv-alum metal)

    Both options 3 and 4 would be phased and foundations/wall/columns installed within 15 to 30 days of a notice to proceed after this vote. Shade cloth/fabric would be installed immediately after columns are up.


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    Pat the 57k is mostly material. Labor is almost all donated. Members or others with skills who can contribute are all welcome. Work parties will be organized. Stay tuned.

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    Best place to watch the action, unobstructed, on the roof deck. A good place for tables and chairs, food, classes, protected and contained.

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    42” high railing. Can be open cables or balusters. The idea i have is to slope the metal roof all around the deck up to the railing or about 10-12” below the railing.

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    IMG_9514.pngGood day.  Attached are some sketches for the new shade structure at AJX, with observation deck.

    35’x95′, 10 feet high to bottom of ceiling/deck structure, 7.5′ perimeter sloped metal roofing that can take up to 48 solar pv panels, and south facing solar thermal hot water collectors. 10 columns.

    Baja Carports is pricing the structure and my Engineer is checking and running calcs to see what we will need to meet code. see for examples.  I will post a link to pictures of structures for reference.  Photo is an example of low profile farm/shade building structure.CSS Shade Structure sketches 2 Doc - Nov 27 2020 - 9-06 AMCSS Shade Structure sketches Doc - Nov 27 2020 - 9-06 AM

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    Trying to edit out wrong pictures. Oops

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    1. Lets be practical and also imaginative. Have some fun, make a beautiful place at one of the most amazing free flight spots in the US and world. I have contacted the Owner of about pricing to build a 30’x90’ open steel structure. We can work on the covered upper level roof deck. Attached is a fanciful possibility for open cloudlike shade structures. The list of practical and necessary spaces, i believe, should include a covered roof/observation deck, lots of open and useable ground level space for hanging out and hanging up, classroom(s) kitchen and cafe, office, bathrooms, maps and information for pilots and the public, secure storage, medical/first aid space. Animal and people shade, water, food accommodations. I will post some sketches showing a mostly open, post and beam, 2 level, 30×90’ structure with possible containers as storage and space dividers running east west to allow maximum air flow. Stairs to the Observation deck would also align east west, with open risers, to maximize air flow and minimize turbulence.   The whole 783EB2E0-A65C-41D4-82D5-59FCCA2F1E22
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    3. 0675A367-45A3-467E-A244-EF21156FB45290ECABDB-3F09-4CBD-8D8E-F19AAFFEFFDB38595C7D-4BA2-4100-BE7E-4EBF27F9055161D525F7-F22A-49E7-A03A-4F88BC85286Cstructure and maim roof will  be aerodynamically designed, like an aircraft, maybe even models made that can be wind tunnel tested. More to come. Your input is requested and welcomed.