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    I agree with option 8.  I am not saying I am prescient, but I wrote in that exact thing the day the vote opened.

    I also like the work that Mitch, Dusty and Marcello did for free.  Although not free, their time has value.



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    Billie, As a lifelong modeler I would like to say yes, but as I described in my Safety Bulletin, the intermingling of requirements and liability between the AMA, the FAA, and the RRRG because of the last ten year’s history with drones just makes it untenable to fly models at AJX now.

    John Benario

    Safety Director CSS

    RC Modeler helicopter columnist 1990-2005


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    There was typo there from the copying, I assume.


    9. We will get a loan for this.  The structure will be built only when sufficient funds are amassed.  We cannot afford to pay interest, especially with out low membership rates.


    This should be “We will NOT get a loan.”



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    I’m in full agreement.  I paid Tim for a day to critique my landings.  We did a bunch of launches.  14-16?  Definitely learned some pointers from him.



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    It isn’t allowed to camp in any random Federal park area, I don’t think.  Should the Park Rangers for SB National Forest be called?



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    Thank you both.




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    Very readable. I like it.

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    The arrival is called an RNAV arrival.  We have to use RNAV to follow it.  RNAV is a combination of GPS and INS, so they can check on each other. The path accuracy of the RNAV system and the autopilot is about .05 (!) nautical miles.  Yes, it is that good.  Most pilots are not going to be hand flying on the arrival, so the path accuracy is basically dead on.  However, once cleared for a visual, then maybe hand flying, maybe landing gear down to come down faster, turn away before turning back toward ONT as in Mark’s picture.  I think you can assume no one is going to be turning toward ONT off the STAR because it is hard to come down fast enough if you shorten the path.

    ATC can turn us east at any time for spacing.

    The most objective question I think from Gary above is where do they clear us for a visual?  Any time after the dogleg at hitop I think is realistic answer.  Since the weather is good most days, it never rains in southern Ca…., most approaches are visuals, that is why the airplanes are below the altitudes and MEAs specified on the STAR.

    I think David’s path is right on. since I was sitting on the left, and I could look down and see launch, that means the airplane was in between BB and CL.




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    Jonathon pointed out something to add.  The airliners are not guaranteed to be on that particular path.  Sometimes we are vectored off path for spacing reasons, or more frequently, once you are cleared for a visual approach you can do whatever you want.  Come down quickly, veer away from the Ontario if you need more time to come down, turn directly toward Ontario if you are coming down fast enough.

    In Mark’s picture the airplane veering left is probably to give themselves more time to come down.



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    Dan, what do I need for my Mac to look at the KMZ file?



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    Thanks, Mitch, but not new.  My goal as safety director is to help the club operate as safely as possible.  There are always new pilots joining us who may not have the knowledge that you have as a 30 year HG pilot, or me as an airline pilot and a 35 year HG pilot.  These new pilots probably aren’t aware that there is a terminal arrival route directly over Crestline at altitudes that are not uncommon for us to reach.  It it those pilots I am trying to reach and provide useful information to.

    You have many years of valuable experience.  I look forward to your help in keeping our club members safe.



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    What is an SF?



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    I know I am late to the game here, but the forum should be an extension of the LZ/club in general.

    I can show great intelligence when I am working on the car or in the attic doing HVAC work, and still frequently my wife shows even greater intelligence.  However, one day some time back in the LZ when she was waiting for me to land she told me that a group of pilots were having a very loud discussion about how F-ing rad the day was and how F-ing cool the conditions are and did you see my F-ing zoom coming in to land, etc, while there were multiple visitors with their kids in the LZ.  She was so embarrassed for the visitors she went to the car and waited.

    I tell everyone I fly with (737 flying) about hanggliding and many of them do go to the CSS website to look around, being pilots after all.  If a visitor who is potentially interested in learning to HG/PG goes to the website and sees foul language and general discord it is quite possible we have lost a new participant, especially if said newbie has a wife and kids and plans to bring his wife and kids with him so they can enjoy the activity as well.

    While I have no problem with intelligent people and even showing my intelligence, the forum and the LZ should be welcoming to non-members so that we work to bring in as many folks as possible to HG/PG.




    I agree David has done a great job.  I hope the members support the new safety director with the continuation of moving the club  into a safer, more professional (which I use as meaning holding a skill that garners respect of others), more enjoyable environment.