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    Calif is no longer a business friendly state and probably will get worse.  No matter what I’m sure the product will continue to be produced with exceptionally high standards.  Love WillsWing P.S.

    Ken will have a long drive!  Valle Del Bravo nice! Again thanks Willswing for supporting me and making my  40 yrs of flying experiences extremely memorable. Loved your support as you’ve always been right in my backyard.



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    Talon 150?

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    Camping and partying if not dealt with will lead to further decline.  Lake Elsinore the rocks have all been graffitied over.  Beer cans, trash and litter  left for the pilots to remove.   Toilet paper,diapers and the like.  National Forest Service land , but they cant deal with it.   One of our pilots recently confronted a grafitti artist and escaped fearing for his health.   I took out a trash can of debris the last visit.  I carry bags with me to insure some level of tidyness.   Shell casings at launch to reflect someone has been entertaining themselves.  Homeless setup communities in the LZ forcing the land owner to close the entry points.  Just saying you all need to band together to keep your site from being polluted.

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    Always a joy to be around and great pilot so long Bud.

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    Bummer!   Get well soon Jeff.  One of my Crestline favorites