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    I guess the title should more accurately be: All the National Forests in California except Humboldt-Toiyabe.

    Still, in the immortal words of Bender: “We’re boned.”

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    We are building the forms for the West wall.  We are to a point where three or four guys to help move plywood and lumber around would be very helpful.

    So if you can manage to come out tomorrow, Saturday the 14th, we’ll be starting at around 8:30.


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    Also, while I was looking for a photo candidate, I saw someone had pulled up a considerable amount of them in a few places.


    Good for you.

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    Thanks, Bob.


    For those who are wondering what the hell a goathead is, I took some pictures.    These are closeups so you can see the leaves, and the green thingy that will ripen and dry into three or four of the nastiest thorns that ever ruined a bicycle tire.

    If you see these, please kill them and throw them out of anywhere someone might walk.  You will be doing yourself and everyone else an enormous service.


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    We could try that. Or at least, *a* watering. I could pause the Friday watering and start watering all zones about 5 am Saturday.

    Also if other people could RSVP so I have some idea of how many donuts.

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    Thanks to all those who came out and worked Saturday morning.
    We got a lot done.
    We also had donuts and coffee.

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    Now is the time.
    To all the people who have asked if there’s anything they can do to help out, 8:00 Saturday morning 7/17/21 is the day and time.

    The plan is to get most of the rebar in for the first pour. That will have to cure, and then the columns can go in and be made plumb. After that, there’s more rebar and a second pour, and then the East side of the shade structure can be backfilled.

    Gene and I have removed most of the dirt that we can remove with machines.
    Now there’s a need for a bunch of guys with shovels to do the fine detail work of cleaning out corners in the holes, evening up the edges in places, and… there is one place where due to the fiber optic and power being there, needs to be dug by hand.
    If we have a bunch of people there, no one should have to work too hard. We have three or four shovels, but if you have a favorite you’d like to bring along, please do.

    It would be nice if you’d RSVP here. If you decide to come, check here in the morning, and if it hasn’t been called off, I’ll see you there.

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    Yep. I really only brought it up as a matter of completeness.

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    Just an option:

    If you’re feeling like other people want to fly, and you don’t like the conditions, there’s space off to the north east of the lower launches to park your glider.

    But you can ask, and if you’re not wild about conditions, odds are good the people behind you aren’t, either.

    Upper launch, of course, there’s room all over.

    The pilot had twenty-ish previous high altitude solos, and was in town to learn foot-launching and landing.

    I don’t see any red flags there for a late day flight off Marshall.  I’d certainly expect a pilot with that many solo flights to have some idea of rotor, sink, and turbulence and where they’re typically found.  It’s in the H2 curriculum.






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    Regarding pitch on the structure:

    I agree there should be some pitch to the roof. The former roof, with no pitch, would randomly douse you with water after a rain.

    But the taller the shade structure’s eaves, the less shade you have when the sun is at low angles.  It’s a tradeoff between headroom for tall people and shade.

    If the high side is to the east, there will be less shade in the morning, and the roof will have a positive angle of attack for Santa Ana winds.

    I think a gable roof or a hip roof would be better.  I particularly like the hip roof, because it slopes down in all directions.

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    I’m a little confused as to how XC flying would be something the club could be responsible for.

    We don’t control the launches in the National Forest, and if a pilot is going XC, they’re not landing at AJX.  If you’re going to count successful out and returns as XC, then how much deviation from a minimum distance course to the LZ constitutes an out and return?

    I’d always considered the XC signoff to be of interest mostly to competition organizers.

    Part 103 allows anybody to fly XC at any time, “qualified” or not.

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    Currently, it’s hard to reliably get enough altitude off the existing training hill to have the speed required to do a good skim and flare.  Top of the 80 foot training hill to the edge of the grass is about an 8:1 glide.

    However, with a little more construction, we’ll have a launch accessible via Gator or Ranger with a fully-assembled glider at about 130 feet and about 6:1 to the edge of the grass.  Haven’t launched it yet, but that should be steep enough to get a good dive and skim in.

    This launch is up by where Kenny’s trailer used to be.  I would like to name it the ‘Whack’ launch.

    Because it was Kenny’s nickname,  and used as a launch to practice landings we’ll probably see a few, and also I think Kenny would be amused by that kind of humor.


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    It’s legal to camp on NF land, but has to be either a campground, or 200 ft from the road.

    So, not on launch.

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